Welcome to Sanctumsodes which is the number one place to find up to date information and research related to new and experimental vitamins, minerals, and other healthcare therapies that are hitting the market. We do our best to research the best products and therapies on the market that help in the prevention of heart disease, stroke, cancer, alzheimer’s, and parkinson’s disease. While there may not be a cheap and 100% reliable cure for any of these illnesses there have been many recent break-throughs in modern medicine that can help us live longer and healthier lives and maybe even reduce our current small risks of some of these diseases down to almost nothing.

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We are making greater progress in the field of medicine in a single year beyond anything we have ever accomplished before. There are new technologies and treatments being discovered on almost a daily basis. It is difficult to keep up with all the information especially if you have a job and family. Even researchers who spend their entire day in a laboratory have a difficult time keeping up with the progress and discoveries of their peers. This site will serve as a guide and a resource to help both researchers and the lay individual find and access new treatments, vitamins, and drugs that they may not have previously discovered on their own.

We have employed a large staff of medical providers with ACLS renewal online that have the training and expertise to categorize and distinguish pertinent information. Because they have their ACLS renewal online they are very familiar with those who have experienced cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke. Most of these individuals have worked in a hospital setting and also many of them have worked in a laboratory. We would like to thank United Medical Education for providing our staff with ACLS certification as a donation to help us in our efforts. We have been fortunate enough to build strong relationships with different companies and organizations that have helped us create this library of information and products.

While we build this library of information and products we would like to invite our readers to message us and share with us new information and research they may find on their own and that we are missing on this site. The only way for this site to be a success is with the contributions of readers like you that have a passion for new research and supplements and want to share their self discovered knowledge with others.

We will be creating a forum for individuals to post and ask questions so we can have further interaction within our community. We want healthy discussion that not only challenges what we already know but raises new questions to researchers that may happen upon our threads. The ideas of even the simplest contributor may help spark an idea or challenge in some of our researchers that may result in a discovery that will help us live longer and happier lives.

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We here at the Sanctumsodes believe there is no limitations to what we can accomplish as a species with our research and intelligence. We continue to advance the speed at which we make new discoveries and it is all based upon line upon line and precept upon precept. The progress and information we gather is synergistic that allows us to compound and leverage our technological advancements. Help contribute to our success and our dream to eliminate the loss of intelligence through death by changing how our DNA is programmed.

We here at the Sanctumsodes believe that the technologies are soon arriving in which we will be able to keep death from illness at bay almost indefinitely. Through the reprogramming of our DNA and specific treatments we will be able to keep our bodies, organs, and cells young and healthy. This is our ultimate goal in accomplishing the health and well being of all people. Our organization respects intelligence above all else and views the loss of intelligence through death and illness as a regrettable occurrence. Through the advances in stem cell research, CRISPR technology, and other forms of nano medicine we are not far off from performing great things in the advancement of longevity and life extension. While we have just introduced to you stem cell research, CRISPR technology, and nano medicine we will go more in depth into these specific technologies, therapies, and treatments in later articles. We would also ask that each of you contribute to the forum to help us create a wealth of information that we would not be able to accomplish simply on our own. While we may have healthcare providers trained in ACLS renewal online, PALS certification and BLS certification, we still only have our limited resources. We need to rely on each other for further advancement as we each do our own portion of work and research.

Our forum will have a few different sections but we will begin with Current Supplements, Current Treatments, Current Medicine, Future Supplements, Future Treatments, and Future Medicine. If we need to create other categories in the future to meet the needs of the forum we will do so. Please feel free to send us recommendations on what categories and sub categories you believe should be created.

While we may be a young organization we are seeking funding and contributions from different government branches to help in our cause of eliminating heart disease, stroke, alzheimer’s, and parkinson’s disease. We know it is an ambitious goal but it is through organizations like ours that we will be able to bring some of the greatest minds together in an effort to collaborate ideas, research findings, and technologies.